How do I get the perfect size for my hat?

At Sungrubbies, we were the first to recognize that not all heads are exactly the same size (people come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they?). You may have found us because whilst going to the store, you noticed hats may fit a bit tight or not at all. That’s ok. Because we got you covered. With sizes going up to 4XL on some styles, we recognize that you don’t have to sacrifice great style to get the right fit. Before choosing your hat, we recommend measuring your head size. You can find a helpful video on how to do that here. Remember, most of our hats have inner drawstrings that you can use to tighten a bit, so if you are in between sizes err on going one up and then sizing down with the drawstring. There you go, now you should be able to find your perfect fit!


How do I care for my hat?

Now that you have finally found the perfect hat to fit your head, how do you care for it? Most dirt and debris can be brushed off with a firm brush (available at any Target or Walmart). For stains, it depends on the material that your hat is made of. For a great video reference on how to take care of your hat, click here. Remember, when in doubt, spot clean with a mild diluted dish soap like Dawn. Do not submerge any hat fully in water unless it's made of nylon/cotton, or it will likely be damaged.


How do I travel with my hat?

We recommend that you either wear your hat on the plane, or that you pack it safely in your luggage and stuff the crown with other items you are packing such as undergarments, socks, and bathing suits. Do not crush the crown or you may be looking for a steamer in your hotel room.


What does UPF 50+ mean?

UPF means Uniform Protector Factor, and it measures the amount of UV rays that can penetrate a fabric and hit your skin. For an in depth guide as to the difference between UPF and SPF, visit this helpful article here.


My hat is wrinkled, how do I bring it back to shape?

We recommend investing in a hand steamer (Walmart and Target have a bunch). If you don’t have access to one, you can steam out those wrinkles with good ol’ hot shower steam, or even a clothes iron (using a protective sheet in between both surfaces). For more info on bent brim or wrinkled hat remedies, please click here


Can I submerge my hat in water?

We do not recommend submerging any hats in water fully unless they are made of nylon/sport hat material or cotton. Straw and felt hats may be damaged when fully submerged. They will probably dry out fine, but the issue becomes that they may lose their shape indefinitely since they are pressed with heat to create their shapes.


Do you accept returns?

We do accept returns within 30 days of all of our merchandise unless it is noted that it is “Final Sale”. All returns must be made in sellable condition with tags still attached. If you are making a return due to a sizing issue, please reach out and we would be happy to facilitate an exchange for the right size. To initiate a return or learn more about our returns policy, please visit our Returns Center.


Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally. With the challenges of COVID and other International issues that may arise, some countries may be disabled for international shipping. Please reach out to us at service@sungrubbies.com if you would like to order and your country is not an option and we will do our best to see if there is a way to get our product to you. To find out if your country is available and how much it will cost to ship, please visit the cart page and review "Shipping Estimates".

p.s.To learn about shipping costs, you will need to add your items to the shopping cart first then use the shipping estimates function.


What is your best selling hat?

Our classic, unisex, quintessential perfect garden/beach/sun hat would be the El Ranchero. Its a classic style that doesn’t follow the trends, it sets them. With its extra wide brim, you can rest assured that your face will be protected from those pesky sun rays. Currently what has been trending has been our Temecula hat and we can’t resist as its an influencer favorite and super on trend.


How do you hang your hats at home?

Most of our hats are stackable. We also find that our customers enjoy displaying them with simple command hooks (or even a good ol’ nail in the wall) so they are handy by the door. Whatever floats your boat, we support it :)


Do you sell wholesale?

Own a seaside boutique or a spa and looking to expand your product selection? We are happy to partner with you. Please visit our wholesale page and submit an inquiry. Please include your business info and products/volume you are interested in, and we will be happy to follow up with a detailed quote.

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