Is my head big?

What are the average women and mens head size? Do clothes come in One Size Fits all? No they do not. Apparel manufacturers have long known that no two bodies are exactly the same, and it's quite interesting that for a long time hats came in one size for each men and women. For men, that would be about a 59 CM circumference, and for women that would be a 57 CM circumference. So, whilst a hat may state on it “One Size Fits Most” it is quite common and expected that you may not be within that size range. But, not to worry, at Sungrubbies we offer hats for all head sizes from M up to 3XL. Yay for head size inclusivity!

What is considered an XL (X-Large) head?

Someone with an XL head size measures at about 61cm, or 24” in circumference. Xl is the most common hat size for those who find “normal” hats too tight.

How about a 2XL (XXL) head?

Our next most popular size is 2XL hats (XXL) , which fits up to a 63 CM or 24.8” circumference.

How about a 3XL (XXXL) head?

A person with an XXXL head size measures around 65cm, or 25.6 inches in circumference.

I wear a wig and find that most hats are too tight? How can I find a hat to fit my big wig?

We recommend that you measure your head with your wig on, and keep one extra finger width of space on the side and choose your hat size based on that. Many wigs can add up to 3-4 cm of “head space” which can equate to one or even two extra sizes. Remember that most of our hats come with an interior sizing string so you can tighten them, however you cannot expand them.

If I have a big head but am in between two sizes, which do I order?

We recommend sizing up always since you can pull the interior drawstrings tighter but you cannot expand our hats.

Is it true that more brain cells equals a bigger head?

It has actually been studied and proven that people with a larger brain (relative to their body mass), which requires a larger head, tend to have more brain cells and thus score higher on IQ tests. It isn’t a huge correlation, but it is definitely there. So blame that big noggin’ on your smarts!

What kind of hat looks good on a big head?

A hat that fits! We recommend measuring your head to see what your head size is here and then choosing a style that you like. The hats that look and feel terrible are those that sit tight on someones head, or even worse that sit on top of someones head for an ill fit. If you order a hat in your size it will be made to accommodate the space you need. You may want to consider looking into hats for your different face shape, which is irrespective of your head size.

What is the biggest hat size offered?

At Sungrubbies, we have hats up to 3XL, which fits a 65 CM (25.6") circumference head. We are constantly updating our offerings, so if you are one of the lucky few with an even bigger head feel free to reach out to us. If there is a demand, we are happy to meet it!

Are there hats for big heads?

Absolutely, and Sungrubbies is the best place online to find hats for big heads since 1997. We are constantly updating our styles to reflect the most recent trends because having a big head does not have to mean sacrificing style.

Is there a hat size chart?

Yes. Please click this hat size chart link to learn more about hat size options that are suitable for the different head sizes

Are there any famous people with big heads?

It is a well-known fact that many actors and actresses in Hollywood are in the same boat. For some reason, those with larger heads photograph better. Pat Sajak once said that he and Vanna White were picked by Merv Griffin to star in "Wheel of Fortune" in part because they both have large heads. Griffin's theory, apparently, is that big-headed people are always popular. Jay Leno, Ben Afleck, Tom Hamm, Jon Travolta, Denzel Washington, and even Tom Cruise all have disproportionately large heads for their bodies even. Is that a coincidence that they happen to be superstars?


  • Mary Lee Carter

    THANK YOU for having lovely, stylish hats for large heads (:

  • Crystal

    I would love to see more options in 3XL. I was so excited to find your site. I finally found a hat that fit! (One size fits all is the biggest lie ever told.) You’ve been selling the same styles for years now and when a new style is added, it seems very similar to the old ones. Can we get some variety please?

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