Top 6 Winter Sun Hats For Women

With winter fully underway, it is easy for anyone to underestimate the importance of wearing a sun hat. Why would anyone care about sun safety in the Winter? Good question. Because the suns rays are actually quite as strong, and many times when coupled with the reflective capabilities of the snow, even more damaging than in the summer time.

Thus, we compiled our Top 6 Winter Sun Hats that will keep you fashionable and safe this winter.

Best 6 Winter Sun Hats

#1 - York Winter Sun and Rain Hat – UPF 50 and Stylish Water/Rain Proof

York Black Winter Hat Large

#2 - Johnny Winter Sun Hat Fedora- UPF 50 and Stylish Fall/Winter Inspired Accented Buckle

JOhnny Fedora Womens XL XXL XXXL

#3 - Coachella Winter Sun Hat Vegan Suede- UPF 50 Vegan Leather and Suede Accent Neutral Stylish

Coachella Taupe Womens XL

#4 - Charlie Winter Sun Hat Fedora- UPF 50 and Fashionable Fedora in Ivory and Toast

Charlie Ivory Womens Fedora XL

#5 - Venezia Winter Sun Straw Hat- UPF 50 Instagram Worthy Fashionable Travel Blogger Hat

Venezia Womens Fedora XXL

#6 - Solara Winter Sun Hat Straw- UPF 50 Wide Derby Winter Resort Hat

Solara Womens Straw Hat XXL

Whether you are looking for a winter hat that protects you from the rain or the pesky sun rays that are innocuous during the winter, we hope you found a hat that suits your style and taste. Winter Hats in 2021 and beyond are a must especially with the increase in skin cancer and increased awareness of photo aging. Look your best and stay sun protected with a Winter Sun Hat rated UPF 50.


  • Sungrubbies

    Thanks for the message. We currently do not have any derby hats made from felt material. We will definitely take that into consideration for future orders. :)

  • Gayle

    I have several of your hats but I am looking for a hat with a turned up brim. Kaminski type for summer and a Derby type for winter in felt. Help!

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