Top 5 Hat Types & Their Functions

In the world of hats, there are plenty of styles & types from which to choose. Each hat provides a different type of function & style depending on your wants and needs. Hats can be as simple as something that looks good on you, like a fashionable fedora, or something that serves a primary purpose, like a drape hat for a hiking trip. To help you better understand the types of hats and their functions, we've put together a list of the top 5 hats and will show you how each is different from the other. Let's get started.

Derby Hats

The first major hat style is the derby hat. It is also referred to as the Kentucky Derby hat or Horse Races hat. It is a popular hat for many reasons. First, it offers a fashion statement. Women prefer this stylish hat for its decorative design and lavish brim. Secondly, it offers a generous amount of sun protection. The average derby hat is 7-10 inches in brim size, giving much-needed shade from the sun at the horse races.

derby hats

Fedora Hats

Next up is the fedora. You have seen many variations of this hat, whether in a department store, on the streets, or you may even own one yourself. This hat is great for two reasons: It's small, meaning you can carry it around & wear it with most outfits. In addition, it has a sturdy brim, so you won't have to worry about it flopping down or adjusting it at all. Fedoras primarily serve as a fashionable hat, but can also be great for vacations or days on the beach. 

fedora hats

Sun Hats

The third type of hat is the sun hat. Here at Sungrubbies, we specialize in this hat, as we believe sun protection is an important part of our daily lives (especially here in sunny San Diego). Sun hats typically have wide brims to offer added sun protection, a UPF 50 protection rating, and are made of some sort of sun protective fabric. Sun hats can also be fedoras, derby, bucket, and visors. If you wear it out in the sun to protect yourself, it most likely is a sun hat.

sun hats

Visor Hats

Our next hat type is a visor. Visors are best used in the world of golfing for their added sun protection without a brim all the way around your head. Visors can have short brims, such as a baseball cap, or long brims, such as our 5 inch brim visor. Visors can give a unique style of sun protection to you without impeding all of your head with an oversized brim.

sun visors

Bucket Hats

The last and most popular style of hat is the bucket hat. A bucket hat is great for several reasons. The primary selling point of a bucket hat is they're packable. Mash them, squish them, or roll them, and they'll pop back into shape. These hats are also known as a travel hat because they're easy to pack and can fit in any luggage without the fear of damaging the brim or forming creases. Bucket hats are also great for their sun protection and adjustable brims. You can bend their brims into whatever shape you desire, giving you the most comfort without knocking your style.

bucket hat


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