Lighting her Way Through Lupus- Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel Blogger Kayla Shares Her Story

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When we came across Kayla Pigg’s perfectly poised and glimmering Instagram profile (@polishedpiggy) a couple months back, we were instantly impressed with the cheerful colors, positive energy radiating from her feed, and the fact that she, like many of our readers and clients, suffers from Lupus. We were a bit taken aback on how, despite having the disease, she seemed to have the magic formula as to how to manage her Lupus without allowing it to dim her light. And let’s be honest, she is quite easy on the eyes too with her breathtaking red hair and refreshing smile. In true Sungrubbies fashion, we decided to reach out to her and learn about her Lupus journey and what has worked for her to manage her condition as a lifestyle and fashion blogger.

About Kayla Pigg

SUNGRUBBIES: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself….

KAYLA PIGG: Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Pigg and I am a fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle blogger. I have been a lupus warrior for five years, but have been dealing with the signs and symptoms of the disease for eight. I’m also a full time student at the University of Kentucky studying merchandising, apparel, and textiles!

kayla pigg, living with lupus, lupus, lifestyle blogger, polished piggy, lupus, sun hat, stevie hat

Lupus Discovery

SUNGRUBBIES: When and how did you find out you had Lupus?

KAYLA PIGG: I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 17. For years I had been suffering from stomach pains, and went from doctor to doctor just trying to figure out what was causing it. Ultimately these doctor visits lead us to my gallbladder, which we removed. After my gallbladder surgery, things seemed to get better until I had an allergic reaction and hives broke out all over my body. This allergic reaction caused all of my Lupus symptoms to come back to the surface and they were much more severe. After about another year, I finally received a diagnosis and began treatment when we received lab results that reported my ANA was elevated!

Everyday Living With Lupus

SUNGRUBBIES: How do you manage your symptoms?

KAYLA PIGG: I tend to manage my symptoms on a day-to-day basis since every day can be different for me. Medications, supplements, naps, and a few Lupus friendly products help me manage my everyday life!

SUNGRUBBIES: Aside from the physical aspects of the disease, how has it impacted you emotionally (if so) and how do you cope?

KAYLA PIGG: Emotionally, Lupus has made me realize I can’t take anything for granted. When I was first diagnosed, I saw Lupus as a huge limitation on my life. That it meant the life I had pre-diagnosis was over because everything I had been reading online implied that it was. I was reading about how people who were only a few years older than me were having all of these problems I never imagined I would have to worry about. You can never take the good days for granted no matter how many bad days there may be. All the healthy days especially have to be appreciated because we never know what life has planned for us.

Lupus Is Not A Limitation

SUNGRUBBIES: For our recently diagnosed readers, any words of advice you wish you had known early on?

KAYLA PIGG: If there was one thing I wish I had known early on it would be that Lupus can’t stop you from doing anything. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, especially people on the Internet, you can do whatever you set your mind to. Lupus is not a limitation unless you let it be!

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My Inspiration

SUNGRUBBIES: Your blog and profile is so colorful and lively. Where do you draw inspiration?

KAYLA PIGG: Most of my fashion inspiration is drawn from films. When I first started getting sick, I fell in love with both movies and fashion at the same time. Fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have really influenced my style.

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The color on my feed though, has come from my sister Krystal. She’s my best friend, sister, shoulder to cry on, and professional photographer all in one. I’ve always thought her photos capture the way I remember moments. There’s just something really special about how she can capture a moment and make it pop the same way that it does in my memory.

Recommended Products

SUNGRUBBIES: What products have you found to be helpful to manage your symptoms?

KAYLA PIGG: There are so many great products out there! Joint pain is a huge problem of mine, so I have a tone of Warmies Microwaveable Plush Animals. It might sound silly, but they’re amazing at helping me relive my joint pain! Sungrubbies hats are also an essential. I have to have sun protection year-round and the fact that they are UPF 50+ makes life so much easier. Another lovely part of my lupus is chronic dry mouth so my dentist recently recommended Prevident by Crest and I don’t know how I lived without it. If you have chronic dry mouth you should totally ask your dentist about it! In the wintertime, I swear by everything Heat Holders makes. I have Raynauds Phenomenon, and their products help trap in your body heat- its spectacular! Way better than regular gloves and hats.

sungrubbies, scarlet Lupus hat, living with lupus, fashion blogger lupus, kayla pigg 

living with lupus, scarlet hat, lupus, lifestyle blogger, lupus photos, kayla pigg

Travel Destinations

SUNGRUBBIES: What is your dream destination and why?

KAYLA PIGG: There are so many! Pretty high up on my list though, is The Wave. There is just nothing else like it anywhere in the world. You have to enter into a lottery even to have a chance to see it. Hopefully one day I’ll be lucky enough to see it in person!

SUNGRUBBIES: Thanks for giving our readers an inside look into your journey. We strive to provide education as well as sun protective products for those managing Lupus, skin cancer, other photosensitive diseases, and those who just want to prevent aging. How can our followers learn more about you and follow your story?

KAYLA PIGG: If you want to follow along with my story you can do so by following me on Instagram or on my website at! These are the best places to go to stay updated on what I’m up to and get notified on what I’m using to help make my Lupus journey a little easier.

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