8 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day During COVID

Memorial Day Flowers

Summer may not officially start until June 20th, but we all know that every year Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. In many parts of the country, warmer temps have started to roll in. And now with COVID and most of the country in some form of quarantine or practicing social distancing, we might not have one heck of an outdoor barbecue with all of our family and friends in attendance, but shouldn’t we still celebrate? We at Sungrubbies have compiled a list of 8 Fun Things To Do During Memorial Day Weekend in the time of COVID and beyond.

Memorial Day Remembrance

  1. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials of those who fought hard for our freedom. We can still celebrate Memorial Day by taking a moment to write a letter to someone in the military thanking them for their sacrifice. We can visit milserve.org for some ideas on how we can volunteer our time towards those who have risked their lives for ours. Though the parades and travel plans may be cancelled, our observation of the sacrifices those have made for us should not.

    Memorial Day Cemetery
  2. Get Outdoors. Being outdoors and taking in some fresh air while working out, walking, hiking, biking, or even fishing is still considered Essential, even if your state is still in lockdown (check your local governing authority to confirm what the exact laws in your area are as they vary throughout the nation). You most likely will have to wear a face covering. We recommend something similar to our Sun Gaiter as the more comfortable your covering and lightweight is, the more likely you will actually wear it. Sun GaiterRemember to always maintain a six feet distance from anyone you are not quarantining or social distancing from and abide by all local laws. Check to see which of your local beaches/campgrounds/trails/parks are opened. I know we can’t wait to take our kiddos to the beach here in San Diego. Remember that not only do we have to be aware of our COVID exposure whilst we are out, but sun protection is still a must! Wear a broad brimmed hat and broadband sunscreen (preferably mineral) to make your time outdoors safe in all aspects. 

  3. Memorial Day National Parks
  4. Have a Mini Cookout/Pool Party. Maybe you can’t invite the whole neighborhood or have your annual hot dog eating contest. But you know what you can do? Have a great freshly grilled meal with your family in your backyard. Make it festive. We scored some pretty fun pool floats from Target and Amazon to jazz our party up.

    Memorial Day BBQ Veterans
  5. Set up a Video Party. Turn up the music and live stream with those you would have normally celebrated with. Who knows, Uncle Martin might finally get on “The Facebook”.

    Video Streaming Party Memorial Day
  6. It’s S’mores Time. Gather around the family for a fire in the evening and roast some S’mores. I know my kids look forward to this inexpensive and fun activity.

    Memorial Dat S'mores
  7. Camp Out In Your Backyard. AAA just announced for the first time in over 20 years, that there will be record low travel (of course, that does not surprise us) and it will be suspending its annual Weekend Travel Forecast that it usually puts out for those usually on the road or traveling for the holiday. You can still have a ton of fun by pulling out the tents, sleeping bags, and they fit so well into the outdoor BBQ/S’mores activity. This is sure to make this celebration one your family will not soon forget.
  8. You can go shopping! Many retailers mark down products considerably during this weekend and with online shopping going full force, it is a great time to check to see if your favorite retailer is running some promotions.

    Memorial Day Glasses
  9. You can gather around with your family and watch the National Memorial Day Concert which will be broadcasted by PBS at 8PM EST and will feature live performances from around the country to honor our troops and Veterans.

    Veterans gathers celebrating memorial day

You can checkout the lineup by visiting: National Memorial Day Concert

We hope we gave you some good ideas on how to spend your Memorial Day Weekend in the time of COVID. We will be definitely taking out our grill and enjoying some pool time and s’mores with our kiddos and watching the PBS concert in the evening. We also are very excited to reach out to some local Veterans and thank them for their service. We actually have a new neighbor up our mountain that just moved in last month who we are excited to thank with a warm card! May this Memorial Day weekend be one your family and friends will always remember, wherever you are.


From all your friends at Sungrubbies, block out the Sun, not the fun! 

Memorial Day Fireworks

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