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Sun exposure during childhood appears to set the stage for the development of both melanoma and other skin problems later in life. Not only is young skin more vulnerable to damage by the UV rays of the sun but people on average get 80% of their lifetime sun exposure by age 18. In Australia, the skin cancer capital of the world, hats are required to be worn by students everyday or they are required to play in the shade. Teaching children to play sun safe in school, where peer pressure is high, can be a challenge. When you add school regulations, which sometimes forbid reasonable sun safety practices, keeping kids safe under the sun can be a real challenging.

Buy in Volume: The Sun Hats suggested on this page are ones schools have found helpful. For purchases of 25 or more hats let us be your personal shopper. We have a special service called The Volume Buyer where we will shop the School Hat market for you finding the best hat and the best price for your special sun protection needs. Please Contact Us for more information about our Volume Buyer service.

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