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Hats For Big Heads...and Small

Need help choosing the perfect sun hat?
We know many of you need large size hats (lots of little gray cells :) and find it hard to find extra wide brim hats in your size. Our "Big hats for Big Heads" page is with you in mind. Please note that our hats for big heads also range down to fitting very small heads too:)

The Vineyard Haven sun hat. A great big head hat and also fits smaller head sizes too
The Santa Crus sun hat. An extra wide brim hat for extra sun protection.
Wax Vineyard Have, a water repellent sun protection hat
The Mako Classic sun hat
Wax Haven
El Ranchero Sun Hat provides maximum sun protection for men with big heads.
Key West, a straw sun hat for men with big heads.
The Shores Lifeguard Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat for men with big heads.
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.

Trail Blazer hat, a cap with a legionnaire drape
Charter UV Sun Hats providing sun protection for men
Cascade, a rain hiking hat
Solstice Visor, a packable sun visor hat that can fit heads up to 24 1/4" in circumference.
Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special

Kalahari Sun Hat, a legionnaire style sun  protection hat that also provides face protection
The DermSafe legionnaire style sun hat
The Adventure Hat, a UV protection hat with crown mesh for cooling
Sport Cap with Drape, an SPF hat for men and women

Cloudburst Rain and Sun Hat providing sun protection for men and women
Highlander, an SPF hat
Neck Sun Protector, a neck drape that can be worn under hats and helmets for added sun protection
Sun Fact - Window glass blocks UVB but not UVA radiation.
Highlander Hat
Colors available button for the Highlander Hat, a sun protective hat with breathable mesh in the crown