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      Wide-brimmed sun hats are of the best things you can do for your face is to wear a well-constructed wide brim hat to reduce sun exposure. Facial skin cancers, as well as premature aging, can be dramatically reduced by the simple act of wearing a sun hat. We have also made hat suggestions for you by outdoor activity. And, for those of you with large heads, we have a special section dedicated to your large brain capacity ... and, we are always on the lookout to try and increase our selection of big head sun hats since we know you have the desire for sun protection but just can't find a hat that fits

      The American Cancer Society recommends wide-brimmed hats (brims of 3" or greater), such as those found on our website, because:

      • A wide-brimmed hat (3-inch or greater) covers places where it is difficult to apply sunscreen, i.e., the scalp as well as places where people often forget to apply sunscreens, such as the tops of the ears and the back of the neck.
      • When you're wearing a hat, your face has more protection than with sunscreen alone.
      • A hat will shade your eyes, protecting its delicate internal structures and keeping you from squinting in the sun.

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