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We are very happy to have served our sun concerned customers since 1997. Our goal is to offer you quality sun protection products with exceptional customer service and caring for your personal sun protective needs.Good sun safety habits are important to your good health. Learn about sun protection:

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As you peruse our site you will find sun hats, sun protective clothing (also called SPF Clothes), men's and women's sun hats, sun protection swim suits, as well as hard-to-find UV protective items such as sungloves, a wide variety of sun protection umbrellas, and our latest addition  plus size SPF clothing. We also have large size hats for those of you with lots of little gray cells :)

You can also find products recommended by:

Skin Cancer Foundation Melanoma Internation Foundation
The Skin Cancer Foundation The Melanoma International Foundation  

Our sun protection products are rated by an independent laboratory for their UV blocking ability.
You will find the sun protection fabric rating (UPF and SPF rating) and the percentage UV blocked below the name of each product, so you can choose the level of UV protection you need.

Do you have special sun protection concerns or questions about the best product for your unique sun needs?
Please don’t hesitate to email or call us. We have many years of experience protecting you, as well as ourselves, from the sun’s damaging UV rays and would love to share our expertise with you. Also, please be sure to read Sun Protection Strategies for Lupus (even if you don't have lupus). This article provides practical knowledge on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful UV radiation.

Need help finding the perfect sun protection hat?
Be sure to read "How to Choose the Perfect Sun Protection Hat" for adults and children. And, for those of you with smaller heads, you can request our stick-on foam tape to adjust your hat to the perfect fit.

All Natural Sunscreen
We are very excited to have for you a highly effective selection of all natural, biodegradable, non chemical, organic sunscreens and lip balm. We jokingly call them our "Green Sunscreens" since they don't include ingredients that disrupt biological functions or harm the environment. These safe sunscreens are also a good selection for our growing kids :)

Special sun precautions for children
Experts estimate that a significant percentage of our exposure to sun occurs by age 18. So, sun protection should start in childhood to prevent skin cancer and other maladies later in life. With your families sun safety in mind, we have kids sun protection hats, kids SPF swim wear,  100% UV Protective Swim Goggles and more - all with maximum UV protection… and in real cool designs and colors. And be sure to take a peek at our natural, non-chemical sunscreens. We even have a fun way to help children want to wear their sun protective hat.

Many people ask us "Why is Sun Protection Clothing so special?"
The average T-shirt blocks 50% of the UV radiation and many everyday summer weight clothes protect even less. Lightweight UPF clothing not only provide a critical barrier from the sun's harmful rays, but also help keep you more comfortable on a hot day. Unique to sun protective clothes are special design features such as underarm airvents, a roll-up collar for added neck protection or cuffs with retractable hand flaps. Sun blocking clothing also provides UV protection when damp. By wetting your SPF shirt or sun hat you can stay fresher with evaporative cooling - a big advantage on a hot day!

How is a fabric made to be sun protective fabric?
Most sun protective fabrics (also called SPF fabric) are tightly woven/knit and may (or may not) be chemically treated with UV inhibitors. Fabrics from cotton to polyester are used, with the most common being nylon.

NEW! We have added a Beyond the Sun section to our website. The selection is NOT sun protective. When out shopping the world to bring you the best in sun protective products, we would see other fabulous item we knew you would love. This page is a smattering of some of the exciting products we thought would bring a smile to your face

Our guarantee to you
All of our products are guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction. You may return anything purchased from us at any time if we did not meet your expectations. We stand by our rock-solid guarantee because your personal satisfaction means a lot to us.

It is never too late to start using sunscreens, UV protective clothing, sun protective swimwear and a sun protection hat to protect you and your family.

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