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Wayfarer, UV sun protective glasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses, sun protective sunglasses for men and women


Wayfarer Sunglasses (unisex)


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  • UVA, UVB protective lenses
  • Colors: Tiger stripe with brown lenses and Black with smoke lenses
  • Spring hinges for added comfort to adjust for bigger heads
  • Molded nose guards
  • Includes hard, imitation leather storage case
  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Authenticity

Just so we don't leave the guys out, the Wayfarer are unisex sunglasses modeled after John Kennedy's favorite pair. The frames were cast from the same 1960 American Optical Saratoga model JFK wore. The temples have spring hinges for added comfort. The sunglasses come in two colors, black and tiger stripe, and have color coordinated lenses that will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. The glasses come with a hard case to keep them protected for years of use. But ladies, don't be afraid to buy them for yourself. They'll go perfectly with your fedora hat.

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