Sun Protection SunGloves * Fingerless Sure Grip Sun Gloves With Gripping Palms * UV Sun Block For the Hands


Sure Grip Sun Gloves protects your hands against the sun's UV rays while working outdoors

Sure-Grip Sun Gloves


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  • Certified 50+ UPF/ 98% UV Blocked
  • Nylon Lycra top with synthetic leather palms
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Velcro adjustment for wrist sizing
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Imported

Protective Sun Gloves from Australia. Sun-safe fingerless gloves for maximum dexterity. Ideal for most outdoor work and recreational activities such as lawn mowing, driving, cycling, paddling, sailing, etc. Hand wash and air dry. Imported.

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SIZE Palm Measurement
S 3 1/4"
M 3 1/2"
L 4"

Tan as pictured


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