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Backhander sun glove

Backhander Sun Glove

The Backhander Anti UV Gloves


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  • Certified 50+ UPF/ 97.5% UV Blocked
  • Soft Polyester Coolmax fabric
  • Sun protected top of hand with open palm design
  • Reversible tan/navy

The Backhander is a sun protection glove that protects the back of the hand, leaving the palm and fingers uncovered. This provides the perfect protection for your hands for racket sports, fishing, driving and any other time you want an uninterrupted grip while keeping the back of your hand sun safe.

When you look at the back of your hands in comparison to the rest of your arm, it typically shows more sun damage i.e. thinner skin, more age spots and wrinkles. This is because the hands are the most exposed area of the body. Using the Backhander sun glove will help keep your hands looking youthful.

One size fits most

Reversible tan / navy


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