Sun Protection Sun Gloves *** Fingerless Sun Gloves With Gripping Palms *** UV Protection For the Hands


Sun Protective Gloves with Grip

Sun Gloves with Grip


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  • 50+ UPF/ 98% UV Blocked for most of hand
  • Lycra back with polyurethane palm
  • Lightweight comfortable gloves
  • Tough, long lasting grip
  • Useful for many different activities
  • Hand washable

With the same great coverage of the SunGlove II, the SunGloves with Grip are comfortable gloves with a long-wearing grip. Perfect for outdoor sports and work, they can be worn for fishing, paddle sports, hiking, bouldering, gardening, driving, horseback riding and cycling. Use them for any activity you use the SunGloves II but would like a little more grip. The gloves can be hand washed and line dried (out of the sun).

Sizing instructions

S 6 3/4-7 1/4"
m 7 1/2-8"
L 8 1/4"-9"

Got sizing questions? Call us at (888) 970-1600 (Monday - Thursday, 9am to 4 pm, Friday 9am to 2pm, Pacific Time)

Gray, as shown in picture


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