UV Face Shield *** Full Face Sun Protection *** Similar Visor worn by Stiviano*** UVA & UVB Protection


Solar Face Shield UV Protection Visor
7 inch shield

Solar Face Shield, a full face sun protection visor
5.5 inch shield

Solar Face Shield with print, a total sun protection for your face.
6 inch print

Solar Face Shield UV Protection Visor
w/ Protective Bag


Select Size-Color
  • The Sun-Shield TM is 50+ UPF for maximum full face sun protection
  • Now available in a 5.5" or 7" solid tinted see-through shield or a 6" print shield.
  • One size fits most
  • Padded head band
  • Detachable sports strap
  • Not suggested for use while driving a car
  • Comes with protective bag
  • Similar visor worn by Stiviano. Imported
  • FYI: High heat, for example the inside of your car in the summer, can warp the plastic shield.
  • As seen on TV, Click here

Here is a way to provide full face sun protection, not use chemicals on your skin, muss up your make-up or worry about applying enough sunscreen or missing a spot. You can even wear the sun shield after applying sunscreen for double comfort that you are sun protected.

We will admit, you don't see many Face Shields here in the states but you do see them all over Asia... and we all know how beautiful Asian skin is:) It is a great solution to wear when the sun is low in the horizon and coming under a hat.

The Solar Face Shield is an excellent solution for protecting your face from the sun if you have hyperpigmentation issues, after facial resurfacing procedures like a laser or chemical peel, or acne scars.

This comfortable fitting visor provides 99% UV protection for your face and now comes in two sizes: a 6" or 7" shield. The adjustable, see-through shield can be worn up as a visor to protect your face and eyes when the sun is overhead or pulled down to cover your entire face if you are looking into the sun. The lined sweat band makes for a comfortable wear and serves as a sweatband. This versatile face protector can be worn while walking, biking or playing sports. Our owner, Marta, actually wears it when playing beach volleyball. She did say the visor made her the object of many jokes:)

Not suggested for driving.

One size fits most

Color choices for the Solar Face Shield, full face sun protection.

Marta playing beach volleyball with the Solar Face Shield. 99% UV face protection while being out in the sun all day. Volume prices for spas, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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