Sun Protection Face Mask * UV Protection For The Face and Neck From the Sun *** Full Face Sun Protection ** UV Rays


The sun protection Face Mask

Sun Protection Hood (Patent pending)


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  • 50+ UPF / 98.7% UV radiation blocked
  • Covers the head and face leaving the eyes open
  • Breathable 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold, a lay flat to dry
  • Fishing using the Sun Protection Hood

The sun protection hood is ideal for those who require maximum UV protection for their face. Great for fishing and other water activities where you are out in the sun all day and getting not only direct radiation from the sun but reflective radiation too. The same can be said for the sun damage of snow activities or for those of you doing road construction. This is also a great solution for after a facial peel or other aggressive skin proceedure. The Sun Protection Hood is very breathable with mesh below the nose and a covered open panel in the back. The covered panel (see below) in back also allows you to take the hood off partially for a drink of water or to eat lunch.

One Size Fits Most

Tan as pictured

The full face UV protective Sun Protective Hood.


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