Chemo Head Scarf *** For Those Who Have Suffered Hair Loss Due to a Medical Condition


Chemo Head Scarf, a fashionable head covering for those suffering from hair loss

Chemo Head Scarf, a fashionable scarf for those undergoing chemotherapy


Chemo Head Scarf - Crinkled Cotton


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  • 100% cotton
  • Designed for women who have lost their hair due to a medical condition
  • Handwash cold.

This gorgeous, versatile head scarf offers many styling options. The long ends can be simply tied in the back or side to create a turban look. For extra flair, try tying the ends in a bow. If a sleek, chic look is desired, tuck the ends in. The crinkled cotton fabric provides comfort for a look that is ultra feminine.

One Size

Dusty Pink and Steel Blue, as shown in picture


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