Sun Protective Clothing for Travel. Light, Easy Care UV Protective Products For Travel. Packable Sun Hats & Clothing


Travel Sun Protection

We know staying sun protected while on travel can be a challenge. We hope our selection below will make staying safe under the sun easy while you are on adventure. All of the sun protective shirts are quick drying. The sun protection pants are also quick drying so you can wash them at night and be ready to go the next day. Crushable sun hats have been chosen so they can be easily stowed in your suitcase. Please be sure to read "How to Choose the Perfect Sun Hat" for help on choosing a great hat for your trip.

We also have natural organic sunscreens ... very important for your body and the coral reefs.

Ultralight V-Neck Tee, a UV protective shirt Bahama Shirt, an SPF women's shirt that can also be used as a jacket
Pocket Sleeve Tee, a UV protection t-shirt
Bohemian UV protection shirt for women
Ultralight V-Neck Tee
Bahama Shirt
Colors available button for the Bahama Shirt
$45.00 Sizes S-XL
$50.00 Sizes 2XL, 3XL
Bohemian Shirt
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More colors available

Sun Dickie, sun protection for the neck
Women's Adventure Shirt, a sun blocking shirt
Fashion Collared Shirt is made of a lightweight, wicking sun protective fabric.
Jewels Jersey Top, a stylish uv protective shirt perfect for travel.
Sun Dickie
More colors available for Sun Dickie, UV neck protection



Princess Bathing Suit, a sun protective swimsuit
Sun Protection Rashguard protects against the sun's UV rays
Water Pant, a sun protective, chlorine resistant swim pant
Versatile Swim Shirt, a sun protective swim shirt that is also chlorine resistant
Princess Bathing Suit
*Chlorine Resistant
Rashguards - Solid Shirt
Colors available for the long sleeve sun protection rashguard
$34.95 Regular
$29.95 Sizes XS-3XL
$32.95 Sizes 4XL, 5XL
Water Pants
*Chlorine Resistant
Versatile Swim Shirt
*Chlorine Resistant
Colors available button for the Versatile Swim Shirt
$40.00 Regular
$33.00 Special
Safari, a sun protective water shirt and brief
City Sunrise, sun protection rashguard
Safari, sun protection swimwear Sun Fact - Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outdoors for best results.
Safari Sun Swimwear
$47.95 Swimshirt Reg
$10.00 Super Sale
$24.95 Brief Regular
$5.00 Super Sale
City Sunrise Swimwear
$37.95 Swimshirt Reg.
$10.00 Super Sale
$24.95 Brief Regular
$5.00 Super Sale
Safari Swimwear
$37.95 Swimshirt Reg.
$10.00 Super Sale
$24.95 Brief Regular
$5.00 Super Sale


Sun Protection Pants


Adventure Khakis, UV protection pants for women
Capri Skort, sun protective pants with a skirt overlay
World Traveler, a sun protective pant for the travelling woman
Sun Fact - UVA rays can cause immunosuppression and weaken the body's ability to protect itself.
World Traveler Pant
$39.95 Size 2 only


Sun Protection Skirts and Jacket


Bike Travel Skirt, a sun protective skirt that can be made into pants in three easy steps
Estee Cardigan, a lightweight UV protective cardigan
Travel Jacket, a sun protective jacket for your travels
Anytime Travel Skort, a sun protection skirt perfect for traveling
Bike Travel Skirt
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$55.00 Regular
$10.00 Super Sale
Travel Jacket
$55.00 Regular
$20.00 Super Sale
XSmall only
Anytime Travel Skort
More colors available button for the Anytime Travel Skort
Plus sizes only


Travel Sun Hats


Savannah, a wide brim sun hat that can be rolled and packed in your bag or suitcase.
Mia, a packable travel hat with chin strap
The Casual Travel Sun Hat.
The Ginger wide brim sun protection hat.

Del Mar Hat, a wide brim, packable sun hat
Havana Hat, a packable travel sun hat
Frankie Fedora, an SPF hat
7" Ribbon Braid can be rolled and packed for your travels
Del Mar Derby Sun Hat
Colors available button for Del Mar Derby Hat

5 Inch Wide Brim Sun Visor provides perfect sun protection on a trip.
The Zip Sun Visor - A unique wrap around brim with a zip off crown provide extra sun protection for the face and head.
York, an all weather winter travel hat
Gidget, a packable sun hat

Sun Protective Gloves with palm grip
The Sun Glove - Great for fishing or just a walk on the beach. Fingerless, quick drying and light weight.
Driving Sleeves provide sun protection for your arms while in the car.
UV Travel Umbrella, sun protection while on your travels

UV Travel Umbrella
Regular $36.00
Special $29.95