UV Protection Sun Gloves, Sun Sleeves *** Protect The Arms and Hands From UVA & UVB Radiation *** SunGloves & SunSleeves


Sun Gloves & Sun Sleeves

Sun Gloves and Sun Sleeves are two unique sun protection inventions. The arms and hands are two of the most exposed areas of the body and oftentimes show great sun damage. Tattoos are also a concern with the sun because UV radiation fades tattoos. Our Crew is notorious for keeping a pair of Sun Sleeves in every car they own. We even have Tattooed Sun Sleeves for the young at heart :) And Sun Gloves are packed in our golf bags for the non-golf glove hand and in the beach volleyball bag for a quick grab out the door:)

The UV protection Sun Glove
Sun Protective Gloves with Grip
Backhander Sun Glove
Sure Grip Gloves, sun protection for your hands
Sun Gloves I

Sure Grip Sun Glove
Long Sun Gloves protect your hands and forearms
Sun Fact - Surfaces that reflect sunlight increases its harmful effects.


Sun Sleeves

Sun Sleeves with Mesh, sun protection for your arms while wearing short sleeved shirts
Sun Sleeves, perfect UV protection while driving
Tattoo Sleeves, fun sun protection sleeves

Golf Sun Sleeves, a lightweight sun protective sleeves perfect for golfing
Sun Sleeves with Mesh
$29.95 Regular
$14.95 Sale
Tattoo Sleeves
More colors available