Big Hearted Surfer Paddles To Raise Money For The World Skin Cancer Foundation


Breaking a World Record
with Sun Protection in Mind

Surfer and outdoor adventurist Justin DeBree will break world records while raising money for the world skin cancer foundation. After seeing the harmful effects of skin cancer on those he loved, he decided that he wanted to help make a difference. He will embark from Key Biscayne Florida on June 19th for a demanding 18 day journey traveling the length of the state of Florida. Guinness World Book of Records will be watching him boatside to see if he can break the record for most miles paddled in a day. His goal is to paddle 35 miles each day depending on weather conditions.

Justin has been closely involved with the World Skin Cancer Foundation and has previously raised money through surf competitions. He has been training everyday on his surfboard to be ready for this rigorous challenge. Stand Up Paddle Board is a sport with Polynesian roots and gained popularity in Hawaii in the 1960's. Professional surfers use it today as a way to train when the surf is bad. An advantage of Stand Up Paddle boarding is the unobstructed view from the surfboard. Justin will be able to see deep into the water and view across the horizon.

Justin demonstrates how you can enjoy being in the sun without soaking up it's harmful rays or taking on a pain of a sunburn. Justin will prove this and stay sun protected with the help of sponsors. owner and outdoor enthusiast Marta Phillips heard word of Justin's journey and was eager to donate for a good cause. Justin will be wearing the Adventure legionnaire hat and sungloves. Justin reported back that he has been training with them every day and that he “loves them both very much!"

Sun protective clothing allows those who love the outdoors to be outside without suffering harmful effects ...even those with a hypersensitivity to the sun. Diseases such as lupus, going through cancer therapies and many medications can cause such sensitivity. Wearing special sunblock clothes helps those, who would normally need to stay inside, enjoy of the great outdoors.

Each day of Justin's journey will be dedicated to a person affected with skin cancer. The picture of the person will be on his surfboard to encourage him to keep paddling. Justin proves that every person can make a difference. For more information on Justin's journey or to donate to a good cause visit:

The Outcome:

Thank you so much for your support and contributions to my paddle for the World Skin Cancer Foundation. It was a great success! 420 miles and 2 World Records! Thanks so much, Jim DeBree