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Women's Derby Sun Hats

Wearing a hat to the derby is tradition. It is a great occasion to look stunning! But keep in mind, you will be in the sun while at the paddock watching the horses being saddled, at the betting window, having fun in the infield and soaking up the traditions and history of horse racing i.e. all day long!

You will want to choose your derby hat before you pick your outfit. Getting a hat with a large brim will give you sun protection which will keep you looking young and forgo a nasty sunburn. Don't! wear uncomfortable high heeled shoes (because you will be walking from morning to night) or carry a heavy purse... and don't forget to enjoy a mint julep :)

Melanie Kentucky Derby Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat
Scarlet Derby Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat

Rebecca Derby Hat, a fashionable sun protection hat

The Chloe Derby sun hat.

The Crushable Ribbon Braid sun hat in a 7 inch brim.  Maximum sun protection for women with big heads.
Melanie, Kentucky Derby hat
Stevie Fedora Derby Hat, a derby hat for women with large heads.
The Sundancer sun protection hat
Melanie Kentucky Derby Hat
Colors available button for Melanie Kentucky Derby Hat
Frankie Fedora, a UPF sun hat
Del Mar Derby Sun Hat, great sun protection while at the horse races
Savannah, a wide brim hat, great for the Kentucky Derby
Belladonna, a Kentucky Derby hat
Vivienne, a Kentucky Derby hat made of Milan straw
Audrey, a sun protective derby hat
Giselle, a Kentucky Derby Hat