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Sun Hats For Big Heads...and Small

Ladies, we know how very hard it is to find a woman's sun hat if you have a head size over 23 inches. One of our SunGrubbies crew members, Elena, has a 23 1/2 inch head and has a devil of a time finding a hat. She is always telling our suppliers "Bigger size hats, we need bigger size hats!". And, we also know that for those of you with very small heads it is also hard to find a good hat. The hats below fit both big size heads and little size heads. And, at the bottom of the page you will find an additional section for very small heads. Sizing Tape: We also have stick-on sizing tape you can request in the "Comments Section" when submitting your order.

If you need special help selecting your hat please feel free to calling Elena for big size hats and Susie for a small size hats. They will be very happy to assit you ... and more than happy to commiserate :)

Need help choosing the perfect Sun Hat? Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen :) ours is all natural.

The Vineyard Haven SPF Hat.
The DermSafe legionnaire style sun protection hat with neck drape.
Canvas Casual Travel- Hat for Big Heads
Casual Traveler *
Colors available for Casual Traveler
El Ranchero, a wide brim sun hat for women with big heads
Kalahari Hat, a sun protection hat with legionnaire drape that can provide face protection
The Adventure legionnaire style sun hat.
The Shores Lifeguard Hat, a straw sun hat for women with big heads.

Cloudburst Rain and Sun Hat providing sun protection for men and women
Ascent Cap, a waterproof winter baseball cap
Sundancer Hat, a UV protective head for large heads
Jazz Hat, a winter wool fedora
Cascade Hat, a rain hat for the outdoors
Sport Cap with Drape, an SPF hat for men and women
Sun Fact - Window glass blocks UVB but not UVA radiation.

Sun hats especially good for SMALL heads

The Casual Travel sun hat
The Sundancer sun hat
Mia, the packable sun hat
York, an all weather water proof bucket hat
Mia Packable Travel Hat
More colors available for the Mia Packable Travel Hat
Reefline Water Sport Cap provides sun protection for all your water activities.

Off Shore Water Hat

Dawn Patrol, a sun protective water bucket hat
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.