Cover Up Before You Tee Up! UV Protective Clothing For Golf - UV Protective Golf Polos, Golf Pants, Sun Hats And More!


Golf UV Protective Clothing for Men

Taking a few sensible precautions will help you to enjoy your time in the sun while lowering your chances of sun-related health problems later in life. Suggested precautions are wearing a sun hat, UV protective clothing and sunscreen on the face and un-gloved hand (or you can wear a Sun Glove on the exposed hand). For added sun protection, as well as keeping you cooler while waiting your shot, you may wish to use a the UV protective Golf Sun Umbrella.

Performance Polo, sun protective shirt
Westchester Polo, a men's sun protective golf shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Sport Polo - Sun Protection Shirt
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.
Men's Sport Polo
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UV Protective Pants

Adventure Khakis, an SPF golf pant
Multipocket Pant-Lt, a sun blocking pant
Mesh Vent Pant with insect repellent
Sun Fact - Don't forget to protect your lips.  Lips have no melanin, making them vulnerable to sun damage.


Golf Sun Hats

Highlander Hat, an SPF hat for men
Fairway Golf Hat, UV protection hat
Eagle Sun Hat, a golf sun hat
Havana Hat, a golf sun hat

Golf Sun Sleeves, UV protection for your arms while on the course
The sun protective SunGloves
Golf Sun Umbrella, sun protection on the course

Sun Fact - For best results, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors.
Golf Sun Umbrella
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