Sun Screen Clothing For Leisure Time. Sun Hats, SPF Shirts, & Organic Sunscreens. Great For Camping, HIking and Gardening


Leisure Time & Sun Protection

Is it time for outdoor leisure? Ahhhhhhh, what a wonderful thought! Let us help keep you sun safe with the UV protection items below. The sun protective clothing and accessories we have chosen for you are durable and easy care. Please be sure to read our article on How to Choose The Perfect Sun Hat article so the sun hat you pick will be exactly what you need for your free time activity.

And don't forget to use sunscreen on the "Body parts most forgotten"! The hands, tops of the feet, ears and back of the neck. These parts get sun damaged just like the rest of the body... and can be a source of major discomfort when they get a sunburn! We also have special natural sunscreens for those of you concerned about putting chemicals on their skin and in the environment.

For Men's Leisure sun screen clothing.

El Ranchero, a wide brimmed sun hat perfect for gardening.

The Adventure Sun Hat. Long drape protects neck and wide brim wraps around to keep the face UV protected.

Casual Traveler Sun Hat
The Sundancer sun hat
Cruiser Camp Hat, a sun protective hat
The Shore, a straw lifeguard hat that also provides excellent sun protection for gardening.
The Zip Sun Visor - A unique wrap around brim with a zip off crown provide extra sun protection for the face and head.
Wind Haven, a sun protection hat with chinstrap


Women's SPF Shirts


Bohemian Shirt, a women's UV protection shirt
Versatile Shirt, a chlorine resistant sun protective water shirt so comfortable you'll want to wear it everyday.
Ultralight V-Neck Tee, a sun protection t-shirt
Versatile Shirt
Colors available button for the women's Versatile Shirt
$40.00 Regular
$33.00 Special


Women's UV Protective Pants

Capri Skort, a sun protection pants
Adventure Khakis, women's UV protective pants
Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.


Backhander Sun Glove, sun protective gloves
The Sun Glove
Golf Sun Sleeves provide sun protection for your arms.
Sun Gloves with Grip, sun protective gloves