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Men's Sun Protection
Fishing & Boating

Sun protection and fishing have special concerns. For one thing, wind can be a concern so a chin strap sun hat is important. Secondly, you don't want to get sunscreen on the line because it can scare the fish. Wearing sun protective clothing means you don't need sunscreen on your body, and SunGloves are a great way to not need sunscreen on your hands.

Boating and fishing is typically an all-day affair and that means maximum sun protection. Even the highest SPF sunscreen is not up to the job. Full body sun protective clothing is needed, and since it is often hot, you will see summer weight fabric and venting to keep you comfortable below.

Reflection is also a concern when boating or fishing, and that's where a good sunscreen comes into play for the face. (Stream fishing tip: "Wash" your hands with the surrounding dirt so you have the local scent on your hands when you touch the line)

The Bahama big pocket shirt. Quick drying, over size sun protective shirt that is great for fishing, hiking and other outdoor casual wear.
Journeyman, an insect repellent sun protection shirt
Bone Flats Shirt, a lightweight, ventilated sun protection shirt perfect for hot summer days fishing or boating.
Versatac Shirt, a UV protection shirt for your outdoor adventures
Bahama Big Pocket Shirt
More colors available
Sizes XL and 2XL only

Versatile All Purpose Swim Shirt
Equator Sun Block Shirt, a sun protective shirt with Insect Shield
Ultralight Tee, a sun protective t-shirt
Explorer Shirt, a sun protection shirt for men
Versatile Shirt
More colors available
$38.00 Regular
$24.95 Special


Sun Protection Pants


Mesh Vent Pant, an insect repellent sun protection pant
Bushwacker Weatherpants, bug repellent pants
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.

Sun Protection Hats

Trail Blazer, a hat with a legionnaire neck drape for added sun protection
OffShore Water hat, the perfect hat for all your water activities.
Cruiser Hat, a sun protective hat


The Santa Crus sun hat. An extra wide brim hat for extra sun protection.

Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special
Cruiser Camp Hat

The Vineyard Haven sun hat. A great big head hat and also fits smaller head sizes too
Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons, a stylish sun protection hat
The DermSafe legionnaire style sun hat
Wax Vineyard Haven, a sun hat for fishermen
Wax Haven

Sun Gaiter, face sun protection while out on the water fishing
Neck Sun Protector can be worn with hats and helmets for added neck sun protection
Face Buff provides face and neck sun protection

Tattoo Sun Sleeves protect your tattoos and keep you safe from skin cancer.

Sun Gaiter
Face Buff
Colors available button for the Face Buff
Tattoo Sleeves
More colors available
The UV protection Sun Glove
Sun Protective Gloves with Grip
Backhander Sun Glove
Sun Gloves II, sun protection gloves
Sun Gloves I

Sun Gloves II