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Baby Sun Hats

Young faces have not had a chance to develope protective melanon or thicker skin to protect from harmful UV rays. That is why babies under 6 months of age should never be in direct sunlight. Sun hats are so important because babies are often exposed to the sun while in a stroller or being carried from one place to another.

Lorikeet Sun Hat, a sun protective hat for your infant
Kid Adventure Hat, a UV protection hat for your infant
Sun Fact - Infants under 6 months should never be exposed to direct sun.  Their skin is not yet protected by melanin.

Kid Adventure Hat
More colors available

The kids and baby Adventure Sun Hat

Lorikeet, a sun hat for infants
Brim Hat, sun hat for babies
Sun Fact - For best results, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors.
Brim Sun Hat
$13.00 Size 0-6 mos only