Womens Sun Protective Clothing - UV Protective Shirts, Kimonos, and Pareos


Ayana's Designer Collection

Ayana, the leading fashion designer of wearable sun protection, has gone to the next level with this season's collection. Designer, Sonja Gfeller, has combined high fashion with ecological responsibility. Her garments are made of 100% cotton treated with zinc oxide during the same process in which they are dyed with European (eco) acceptable dyes. The Signature Line is even made from organic cotton. So when you're shopping for the "Designer Must Haves" of the Spring/Summer 2010, check out these high fashion garments. You'll be saving the environment while you're keeping your skin young and beautiful.
Cabana Kimono, a sun protective kimono
Honolulu Wrap Skirt, a UV protective skirt
New York Tunic, a sun protective shirt
Palm Beach Dress, a stylish sun protective dress
Cabana Kimono
Now $95.00
Honolulu Wrap Skirt
Now $75.00
New York Tunic
Now $89.00
Palm Beach Dress
Sorry, Sold Out
Santa Barbara Pareo, a sun protective fashion accessory
St. Tropez Lace up, a sun protective shirt
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.
Santa Barbara Pareo
Now $79.00
St. Tropez Top
Now $79.00
Signature Collection
San Remo Tunic, a UV protective tunic
Martinique Tunic Top, a UV protection shirt
Monaco Lace Up, a sun protection shirt
St. Luca Kimono, sun protection clothing
San Remo Dress
Now $89.00
Martinique Tunic
Sorry, sold out
Monaco Lace Up
Now $85.00
St. Luca Kimono
Now $95.00
Sun Fact - Apply sunscreen under moisturizer.
Ibiza Pareo, a sun protective shawl
Waikiki Scarf, a high fashion sun protective accessory
Ibiza Pareo
Now $50.00
Waikiki Scarf
Now $40.00