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All Women's Sun Hats

Let us help you chose the perfect sun hat. We know how important it is for you to look good when you are protecting your face from the sun, so we have tried our best to find you fashionable and functional sun protective hats. On this page you will find wide brimmed sun hats with brims ranging from 2 3/4" to 10" wide in all manner of styles... some stylish enough to be a Kentucky Derby hat! You will even find a UV protection hat that uses special hydrating gel crystals to keep you cool on a hot summer day:) All of our sun hats have been tested by an independent laboratory for their UV protection ability.

Please Note: For those with smaller heads, you may request freeFirst time here? Please read Our Story... stick-on sizing tape to help you fit your hat.

Women's Winter Sun Hats

Storm Bucket Hat, a waterproof rain hat in large head sizes
Cloudburst Rain Sunhat, a winter hat for women
York, a winter travel hat
Cascade Hat, a winter rain hat
Storm Bucket Rain Hat
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Available in large size
Cloudburst Rain Sunhat
More colors available
Available in large size
Cascade Rain Hat
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Available in large size
Jazz Hat, a winter wool fedora
Vivian Hat, a felt winter hat
Ascent Cap, a waterproof winter baseball cap
Olivia, a wool felt bucket hat for the winter.
Jazz Winter Wool Fedora
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Available in large size
Ascent Winter Baseball Cap
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Available in large size
Olivia Felt Bucket Hat
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Bridgette, a women's winter hat
Sun Fact - Any surface that reflects sunlight increases its harmful effects.

Rebecca Derby Hat, a fashionable sun protection hat

The ever popular Rebecca Derby Hat is now available in an 8 inch brim.
The Chloe Derby sun hat.
Scarlet Derby Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat for the Kentucky Derby
Melanie, Kentucky Derby hat
Mia, the lightweight packable sun hat
Savannah, a wide brim sun hat
The Crushable Ribbon Braid sun hat in a 7 inch brim
Audrey, a sun protective derby hat
Gidget, a packable sun hat
Holly, a wide brim sun hat
Giselle, a Kentucky Derby Hat
Holly Sun Hat
Alegra, a womens sun protection hat
Belladonna, a wide brim sun protective Kentucky Derby hat.
Breton, a ladies derby sun protection hat
Sundara, a wide brim sun protective hat.
Solitaire, a womens straw fedora
Castaway, a 100% cotton packable bucket hat
Vivienne, a sun protective hat made of fine Milan straw
Stevie Fedora, a Kentucky Derby hat for women
Melanie, a wide brim sun hat
Bella, a fashion church hat
Aruba, a fashion summer hat
Summer, a beach sun hat
Pamela Sue, a straw lifeguard hat for women
Lola Derby Hat, a perfect hat for the Kentucky Derby and derby parties
Monique, a wide brim sun hat perfect for a day at the beach or gardening
April, a fashion trendy sun hat
Lola Derby Hat
$38.00 Regular
$32.95 Special
Monique Sun Hat
$21.95 Regular
$19.95 Special
April Sun Hat
$29.95 Regular
$19.95 Special
Angel Beach Sun Hat, the unique sun protection hat with the open back that allows you to recline on a lounge chair without your hat popping off.
Jenna, a sun protective hat with chin strap
Crystal, a fashion metallic hat
The Shores, a lifeguard style hat great for the beach, hiking or working in the garden.
Jenna Sun Hat
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$29.95 Regular
$19.95 Special
Crystal Fashion Metallic Hat
$21.95 Regular
$19.95 Special
The Ginger wide brim sun protection hat.
The Crushable Ribbon Braid sun hat in a 5 inch brim
Stevie Fedora, a derby hat for women with large heads
Del Mar Derby Hat, a wide brim sun protective hat
Del Mar Derby Hat
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The Casual Travel sun hat
The Sundancer sun hat with UV protective neck drape.
Frankie Fedora, a UPF derby hat
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.

Havana, a golf sun hat
Mako Classic Sun Hat, an SPF golf hat
Marilyn, a straw sun protective hat
The Floppy Hat by Blue Bandoo. Cooling gel crystals in the hat band keep your head cool.
Marilyn Straw Sun Hat
$38.00 Regular
$29.95 Special

The Vineyard Haven Sun Hat.
El Ranchero wide brim sun hat
Santa Cruz Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat
Cruiser Camp hat, a sun protective hat

The Cruz Hat
More colors available

Kalahari Sun Hat, a UV protection hat offering full face protection against the sun
DermSafe, a sun protection hat with legionnaire drape
Adventure Hat, a wide brim sun hat with legionnaire drape
Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire SPF hat

Off Shore Water Hat

Reefline Water Sport Cap is the ideal sun hat for all of your extreme water adventures.
Dawn Patrol Water Bucket Hat provides sun protection for your water activities.
Trailblazer, a cap with legionnaire drape
Trail Blazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special

Solar Face Shield, UV protection for your face
The Zip Sun Visor - A unique wrap around brim with a zip off crown provide extra sun protection for the face and head.
Tahitian Visor, a UV protection visor hat
Solar Face Shield, full face UV protection

Clip On Visor Plus, a sun visor that protects your ears as well as your face.

Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.


Neck and Face Protection

Solar Face Shield for total face sun protection
Neck Sun Protector can be worn under hats or helmets to protect your neck
Face Buff, UV face protection
Sun Gaiter, face sun protection
Neck Sun Protector
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