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Kids Sun Protection

Kids can play for hours and hours in the sun so being protected from harmful UV rays is especially important. You will find sun hats, SPF swim wear, sun protective T-shirts and sunglasses to make your childs day sun safe.. You will also find sun tents and shelters for portable shade.

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Protecting kids from harmful UV rays is very important for a number of reasons. 1) Sun damage is cumulative and if you can minimize the damage at a young age your kids will be at an adventage. 2) Kids are out in the sun for hours and hours which gives the sun more time for damage. 3) Kids, especially babies and toddlers, have thinner skin making them more susceptible to sun damage. So what’s a parent to do?   Here are some thoughts for you:

  • Be a good sun protector yourself. Your kids want to be just like you, especially when they are very young, so if you wear a sun hat and sunglasses they will be more likely to follow. 
  • Apply broad spectrum sunscreen before you walk out the door, preferable 30 minutes before.  This will assure you have remembered to “goop up” before getting distracted. And remember to reapply every 2 hours. (One of our customers has a bottle of sunscreen right next to their front door to help with this ritual.)
  • Talk to your school about their sun safety program. Having a child wear a hat on the playground and have a shady place to go is a big step to keeping kids sun safe.
  • Babies under 6 months of age should not use sunscreen which makes shady places, like a Sun Tent and special sun protective clothing and hats, very important indeed.