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Men's Legionnaire Style

Here, on our Legionnaire Style page, you will find men's wide brimmed legionnaire style sun protection hats. All of these sun hats have an elongated legionnaire style sun protective neck drape. Note that this department has some unique designs for special sun protection needs. Some of our legionnaire sun hats have a wide brim that wraps around the side of the head protecting the ears and side of the face from harmful UV rays. For those of you who need sun protective fabric draped directly across your face, please take a peek at the Kalahari Sun hat. And, don't miss the Neck Sun Protector that provides neck and ear sun protection under any hat. Lastly, you will find a neck drape for those who need to wear a hard hat.

Need help choosing the perfect sun hat. Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen. :)

Adventure Hat
More colors available
Trail Blazer

DermSafe Hat
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OffShore Water
More colors available button for the OffShore Water hat.
Sport Cap with Drape

Insect Blocker Ball Cap

Neck Sun Protector
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Sun Gaiter