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SunGloves I


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  • 50+ UPF/ 98% UV Blocked
  • 81.5% Nylon, 18.5% Spandex
  • Fingerless for maximum dexterity
  • Folds up to easily fit in a pocket.
  • Hand wash, air dry. Imported

Thin, soft and durable. Great sun gloves for fishing, hiking and other activities where your hands will be exposed to the sun. And, for an added bonus, on a hot day, dip them in water and the evaporation from the sun gloves cools your hands.

The hands seem to prematurely age like no other body part. One reason is the amount of sun the hands receive. They are always exposed. The great thing about the SunGlove is that you don't even know you have them on, they are sooooo comfortable. Keep hands youthful by wearing the SunGloves as much as possible. Our owner Marta, wears here SunGloves while playing beach volleyball, hiking and boogie boarding.

•Fingerless for maximum dexterity

•Folds up to easily fit in a pocket.

•Hand wash, air dry. Imported

We have recently added the Sun Glove II with slightly more coverage. Below is a comparison to the SunGlove I

SunGlove I SunGlove II
Extends to 1st knuckle Extends to 2nd knuckle"
Extends approx. 2" up wrist Extends approx. 3" up wrist"
More stretchy and form fitted A bit more rugged fabric
White color Medium grey color

No special sizing instructions are provided by the manufacturer. For smaller hands choose Small (typically the ladies) and for larger hands choose Large (usually the men).

Got sizing questions? Call us at (888) 970-1600(Monday - Thursday, 9am to 4 pm, Friday 9am to 2pm, Pacific Time

Bone white as pictured

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