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Welcome Volume Buyers!

Let us be your personal shopper. We have started a special service for those of you who need to purchase large quantities of sun protective products. (Large quantities are amounts over 50 items) As your Volume Buyer we will shop the sun protection market to find you the best price for your specific sun protection needs. Serving you for over 10 years in the sun protection business has given us lots for resources to go to on your behalf.

3 easy steps:

1. What are your sun protection needs?: Do you need a purple and yellow logo embroidered on a wide brim hat for a 30 year college reunion? Or, maybe a colorful wide brim hat for elementary school playground activities. Or, does your project involve a hooded swimsuit cover up for an active senior citizen group going to the Florida Keys? Whatever your particular needs may be will become our marching orders to find you the best product on the market for the best price.

2. When is your due date? Sometimes larger quantities need their own special production run to meet the quantity needed. We want your order to arrive when you need it so this date is very important.

3. Now, we go shopping for you. Over the years we have developed relationships with numerous sun protection manufacturers and know the market place very well. We will put all our energy into finding you the best product for the best price to meet your sun protection needs.

To get started ... Please Contact Us or call (888) 970-1600

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