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Sun Safe Vacation Packing List

An example of a vented sun protection shirt - The Bahama
While traveling is an amazing experience, packing is one of the worst. With some airlines now charging for baggage, light weight packing is a must! When traveling anywhere the sun is involved a definite MUST is sun protective gear. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a sunburn and excess UV exposure can cause unnecessary skin damage and dreaded aging.


#1 - Sun protective shirts and pants

These special outfits have advantages over every day clothing:

  1. They are made extra light weight, easy to clean, quick dry fabrics. Many are wrinkle Versatile Shirt, a chlorine resistant sun protection water shirt.resistant and can be worn right out of the suitcase with no extra work.
  2. Sun protective apparel is now available in Insect repellant fabric. We could hardly believe it either but check it out! Sun protective and bug repellent Journeyman Shirt, the Equator Shirt and Bushwacker-Bug ... wonderful apparel to have when in mosquito or other buggy environments.
  3. Versatile. Some of the outfits can be worn both in the water and on land such as the blue Splash 'n Dash shown to the right. (Sun protective waterwear is a great non-chemical, non polluting solution to keeping you sun safe.)
  4. Unique, stay cool designs. Things like mesh vents under the arms of a long sleeve shirt or an extended collar to prevent a red neck are a real plus in hot, sunny weather (see the blue men's Bahama shirt to the upper right).
  5. Even fashion-forward sun protective clothing can be found for those who want to look sleek and smart such as the Sun Diva shirt. (upper left).
Packable men's Mako sun hat

#2 - Another must-have item on the packing list is a wide brimmed hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Since most vacations happen during the summer months, a sun hat will keep the sun off your face, neck and, when wide enough, the shoulders. Many hats are packable, taking up very little room in a suitcase.

Sunscreen is a small, light weight solution for protection from pesky reflective rays. For those scuba diving or planning to do other water sports you may want to consider an all natural sunscreen to help protect our coral reefs and marine life from polluting chemicals. To meet airline requirements choose a sunscreen 3 oz. or less.

#3 - A very handy and often forgotten tool for comfort while traveling is a sun umbrella. The best part about sun umbrellas is that they will not only provide portable sun protection but they can also keep you up to ten degrees cooler under the sun. A wonderful advantage for trips down south.
Sun Shawl. Fashion sun protection. #4 - Two other handy sun protective items you may want to consider for comfort in your travels are Sunsleeves (especially if you plan to do some driving) or a Sun Scarf for portable shade protection. Driving Sleeves provide arm and hand sun protection. Great for driving.

Wishing you a carefree, sun safe vacation with lots of fun memories!