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Judith G., K, CA
Happy Customer

I wanted to thank you both (Gail & Elena) for the excellent information you passed along to me. I researched all the websites I could locate on sunblock clothing and I initially selected yours because of the user friendliness, your guarantees and the site's appearance. Now I can also attest to your excellent customer service that is above and beyond what I expected. Thank you again. I shall be returning again to purchase more women's clothes in the future.


Deanna, G, Lake Park, GA
Happy Customer

I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome price and fast shipping of the sun gloves I purchased for my husband. He loves them and since this is a new journey we are on with him developing a skin condition from Hep C, we will be ordering more from your store.

Thank you again, ordering on Tuesday and receiving the gloves on Thursday is really quite unheard of unless you pay for Fed Ex.


Lauri H, Menlo Park, CA
Happy Customer

I just want to tell you how much I love you people! Everything fits perfectly! It's tough as a plus-size, very pale redhead to find sun-protection clothing and I REALLY need it!. And talk about fast shipping!

Love the travel shirt so much I think I'll be ordering another one!

Sorry for all the exclamation points, but you guys ROCK!


Bonnie B., Casper, WY
Individual with lupus

Our first correspondence from Bonnie.....
Hi, my name is Bonnie B. and I have Lupus. I love to fish but am highly sun sensitive. I've not been able to fish for 5 years. I like the look of your products, but have a question on the UV protection factors......

I was finally able to go fishing! It was wonderful. I went with my brother and husband. Between the three of us we caught 13 fish. All were about 2.5 to 3 pounds. I couldn't have dreamed of a better outing. My SunGrubbies.com gear worked wonderful. I've not had any ill affects from being out in the sun for 5 hours. I would never have been able to stay out that long without my new clothes. If any one would like to know how they work, feel free to have them write to me. Thanks again!

P.S. I caught the biggest one. My husband caught more, but I caught the biggest!


Megan L., Carlsbad, CA

Had a good time in CABO - hated the food. Anyway, the weather was perfect. Casey swam in the pool constantly - the shirt was fabulous. Not one bit of a burn on my baby! He basically wore it all day on the beach or in the pool. I was grateful to have it! His face did get burned because I couldn't keep the sunscreen on him. He rubs his face a lot when in the pool and would eventually wipe it off. Anyway, many thanks for the shirt and hat it was a lifesaver!


Lisa M., Eagle, ID
Mother and traveler

I want you to know how much I appreciate your sending the hat in the mail on such short notice. Because his skin is so fair I have been concerned about sun protection. I feel so much better that Nathan is well protected on top. Also thank you for the skin protection information you sent.

Your helpful, friendly and prompt service has been outstanding. It's interesting that this care about your customers comes through on-line.


Valerie P., San Diego, CA
Gift giver

I am STUNNED by your customer service! I ordered this gift on Monday and got it on Wednesday -- at a reasonable price, beautifully packed, and with affordable shipping costs. I have never ordered from you before, doing so only because a shirt I wanted from 'BLEEP' was on backorder. You can bet I am switching where I will be ordering sun protection clothing from now on! Thank you for your fantastic service and great selection and prices. ~~~