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Sun Protection Hats
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Need help choosing your sun hat?
One of the best things you can do for your face is to wear a well constructed wide brim sun hat to reduce sun exposure. Facial skin cancers, as well as premature aging, can be dramatically reduced by the simple act of wearing a sun hat. . We have also made hat suggestions for you by outdoor activity. And, for those of you with large heads, we have a special section dedicated to your large brain capacity ... and, we are always on the look out to try and increase our selection of big head sun hats since we know you have the desire for sun protection but just can't find a hat that fits

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Beware! When you go up in altitude the UV radiation increases dramatically!
Sun Hats for Kids Baby sun hats. Perfect for protecting tender young skin from harmful UV rays.

How to Choose the Perfect Sun Protection Hat.

We know how important this choice is for you. To find a good hat means you will be more likely to wear the hat and that means you will be protected. We have written a step by step article on helping you choosing the best sun hat for you. For the complete version of this article please click "How to Choose the Perfect Sun Hat". For those of you who would just like the quick summary version, please read on:

  • First decide on what activity you plan to do? If there is wind involved be sure to think about a chin strap. Peripheral vision may also be an issue so a smaller brim may be important.
  • Maximum sun protection vs. good sun protection? We feel a maximum protection hat has a UPF rating of 50 and a hat brim that is 4 inches wide or greater. Additionally, a brim that angles downward will provide more protection than one that goes straight out from the head.
  • How wide of a brim are you comfortable with? Some people are just not comfortable with a 4" wide brim hat. This will be a personal decision for you.. If you are not sure how wide a brim you would like you may want to consider a 3 1/2" brim. (You can still get very good sun protection with a sun hat that has a brim less than 4 inches wide or a brim that comes out horizon from the head, but in our opinion, not maximum sun protection)
  • How important is fashion to you? As we all know, fashion is in the eyes of the beholder so look for a hat that accentuates your attributes. Some of our more purely functional hats help solve special sun protection problems like needing full face coverage or needing SPF fabric draped directly down the back of the neck.
  • What kind of hair do you have? Do you have thinning hair, or are you balding or shave your head? If yes, mesh panels on the crown of the hat may allow UV radiation to sneak through and reach your scalp. With maximum sun protection in mind, it is better to leave the mesh panels for those with thick tresses. For those of you who do have thick hair, choosing a hat with mesh panels will help your head stay cooler in the heat.
  • Do you have short hair? If yes, we need to be extra concerned about your neck. A sun visor or a brim less than 4" may leave your neck open to sun damage. Typically a full brim hat with a 4" brim or greater or a hat with a neck drape will be your best choice.