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Sun Protection Swim Wear

In this section you will find sun protective swim wear for the whole family. Outdoor water activities at the beach or pool side oftentimes keep you in the direct sunlight for hours... and, keeping sunscreen from washing off can be a real problem. This makes preventing sun damage and a nasty sunburn a big challenge. Sun protective swim wear is a reliable and easy answer to your sun protection dilemma!

You will find water wear ranging from shirts (also called rash guards and water shirts), to water pants and one piece outfits in long and short sleeve styles. If you are going to be in chemically treated water be sure to choose products that are made of chlorine resistant SPF fabric. Products not made of chlorine resistant fabrics will last a long time in salt and fresh water ... and have the advantage of being less expensive.

Sun Protective Swimwea
Sun Protective Swimwear
UV Protective Swimwear

UV Protection Swimwear

Long sleeve rashguard provides all day sun protection.
Women's UV Protective Swim Wear Department
Boys UV protective swimwear for all day sun protection.
Girls' sun protective swimwear
Sun Fact - Chronic exposure to the sun causes wrinkles.
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