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Men & Sun Safety

(written by a woman :)

OK men, we love you and want you to be sun safe. So listen up :)The Santa Cruz sun hat for men.

Research has shown that women are much better at practicing sun safety than men. In fact, the vast majority of sun protective ads appear in women’s magazines because these companies know their customers: Women are interested in sun protection, men tend to not be.

Men are less likely than women to protect their skin by covering up with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing, wearing sunscreen, and/or staying out of the sun. I heard one man say that his hairy body protected him from the sun.... NOT!

Men know less about sun protection than women but that may be by choice.

Sunscreen, for example, is viewed by many men as a cosmetic and men are not as interested in using skin care products. Men do not care for the feel and smell of sunscreen, regarding them as greasy and "girly”. Some men also choose vanity over sun safety. They feel they look better with a tan and do not want anything to interfere with "tanning”. The problem is that there is no safe tanning. Tans are caused by harmful UV (ultraviolet) radiation and are the result of skin cell damage. Cumulative exposure can lead to premature aging as well as skin cancer.

Effects of this excessive exposure are not immediately evident. Most sun damage takes years to develop, sometimes up to thirty years.

Here are four easy ways to stop the sunscreen excuses:

• Purchase sunscreens that are unscented. A sunscreen does not have to be scented to be effective.
• To eliminate that "sticky” feeling, try a sport sunscreen that absorbs quickly.
• Use water or alcohol-based sun products. These types of sunscreens are not greasy and there are actually more of these types of sunscreens on the market than oil-based products.
• To avoid sunscreen dripping into the eyes and stinging, try a stick sunscreen on the forehead and eye area. They are quick and easy to apply and best of all stay put even in contact with perspiration or water. It is important to note, that sunscreen should never be applied directly in the eye area. Use sunglasses to protect this delicate area instead. Avoid products that contain preservatives, dyes and artificial fragrances as these ingredients can hurt the eyes.

Next, let's talk about hats. Gentlemen, you look dapper in a nice hat. Case and point is the Eagle (picture to the right)). Hubba, hubba :) Hats protect the face better than any sunscreen ever could and shade the eyes. I hate to put it in these terms, but a wide brim sun hat is a must for your safety. And, baseball caps are OUT! They only protect your forehead. Cancer is a very serious outcome of years in the sun, so buck up and wear your sun hat!

Sun protective clothing is also important.Sun protective fabric always protects better than sunscreen. Hands down! Sunscreen is a benefit in areas where UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) fabrics are not practical, like the face. I know you don't like being sunburned, so anytime you plan to be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time, use sun protective clothing. Note: Any tan is sun damage and can cause skin cancer, not just a sun burn.

Here are some good looking options for you:

  Mesh vent pants that also bug repellant The Waxed Vineyard Sun Hat. Good for both winter and summer 


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