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Melanoma International Foundation

The Melanoma International Foundation Seal of Approval


The following products have earned the Seal of Approval from the Melanoma International Foundation. For more information, please visit www.safefromthesun.org



The Adventure Sun Hat - Wrap around brim provide sun protection for not only the neck but the side of the face and ears.
The DermSafe sun hat
Off Shore Water Hat, a sun protection hat for the water sport enthusiast

Augusta Golf Hat will provide for your sun protection needs on the golf course.
Men's Solar Polo Shirt, a UV protection shirt for the golfer


Island Breeze Shirt - UV Protection Shirt

Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.
The Sedona sun protective blouse. Sun protection with high fashion.
Don't forget to protect your lips! San Diego Graphic Tee, a sun protection t-shirt
The Santa Fe sun protective blouse
Sedona Blouse
More colors available
Special $45.00
Santa Fe Blouse
More colors available
Special $39.00
Small only
Celebrity Tee sun protection t-shirt
Ayana Designer line made of 100% cotton
Crystal Tee, a 100% cotton UV protection t-shirt
The Newport Beach sun protective shirt/jacket
Crystal Tee
More colors available
Small and Medium only
Newport Beach Shirt/Jacket
Special $49.00
Small only

The Sunscreen T Shirt
Sun Tee, a UV protective shirt
The Munich sun protective pant
Chicago Skirt - Sun Protection Clothing
Sunscreen T Shirt
More colors available
$24.95 Buy 3 or more $19.95 each!
Sun Tee
More colors available
The Munich
Special $59.00

Chicago Skirt
Special $29.00